Coming Out

…… A Journey of Acceptance, Love, and Joy

Last Episode: Today

It’s been good to write this story and be reminded of the slow but steady progress of my understanding of GLBTQ folks.  Being straight  makes it difficult to identify with these friends, but their ready grace and love has been extended to me over and over…more times than I can count.  I have learned so much about love and grace from queer folk and I know there is much more they can teach me.

I still carry the big question with me: How can we exclude such loving, devout, and talented people from the church?.  It is truly a travesty.  I still carry a passion that Friends be more open to the cost of excluding GLBTQ people from full participation in our faith communities.  I really appreciate the work several meetings are doing to study and consider that such exclusion violates the clear message of Christ and, indeed, the whole Bible.

I have taken some hits since I have come out as fully accepting and supportive of inclusion.  Most of them have been private, but one pastor asserted at a public meeting that I don’t believe the Bible. The comment came in reaction to my plea to put the Spirit above the Bible.  I said.”When Jesus left he promised to send an advocate (the Spirit)  to remind us of all that Jesus had taught.  He sent the living Spirit, not a book.”

That said, my few experiences of being shamed do not remotely compare to the suffering of those who are told that Jesus would never accept them because of their sexual identity.  My heart breaks for them.

Thanks to all of you who patiently read this blog and who sent such encouraging responses.  You are my lifeline.  I truly and blessed by your friendship.  You have kept me from despair and given me true hope.

This is the last episode of this blog.  I’ll return to my other blog: http: //

Peace and Joy,  Stan


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4 thoughts on “Last Episode: Today

  1. Gail Bumala on said:

    Love your thoughts and your heart, Stan. Many have forgotten that we have a living God and the Holy Spirit, who reveal themselves to us. While the Bible contains the word of God, I believe the Word is the creative force within. Your words here, also give us hope and keep others from despair. I love your heart and your mind.

  2. Thanks for doing this, Stan. You’re a pioneer among the Quakers, and I know more will follow.

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