Coming Out

…… A Journey of Acceptance, Love, and Joy


What started as a quiet revelation in 1980 has developed into passionate concern, one that has been heartbreaking, profound in its insights, life-changing, and life-absorbing – something that cried out for attention over the years, and sent my prophetic calling into code red.  “Something’s not right,” a nagging voice from my soul kept reminding me. “This issue is crucial and very much part of your calling.”  It was several years before I realized that my calling was to stand with my oppressed and rejected brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.

This blog chronicles my journey from believing that all gays and lesbians were going to hell (or at least an eternity in a Chuck-E- Cheese’s restaurant) to being supportive of LGBTQ folks bringing their gifts into the Church and becoming an integral part of its worship, community life, leadership, and to being supportive of long term, loving, same-sex marriages.  Thus the title, “Coming Out!”  I’ll try to post a short chapter each week or so.  This is just my story, nothing more and nothing less.


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